PopupMenu and Sheet Window Issue

Has anyone else noticed that on OS X, if you open a sheet window from a popup menu, it doesn’t slide down (it just appears)?
If you call a sheet window from a button for example - it works as expected.

I tried this in a completely new project, so it isn’t due to my code :slight_smile:
Can someone else please confirm if this is a bug, or my system is tormenting me?



Yes I can confirm this.

I guess I found a bug then!
How do I file a bug report? I can’t find an option in the feedback app?


Solution coming up…

Just noticed that it slides back up, when you close the window.
It just refuses to slide down!


This is a workaround, but should be much better than the current display.


Still, even if this works around it, the lack of animation is IMO a bug worth reporting. Apparently it has not been in Feedback yet.

set Label and Button to lock bottom, looks better

It displays properly sling down in a dummy Objective C application with an NSPopupButton selection opening the sheet window. So it is a Xojo framework issue.

Thanks Michel - I will take a look at that project file.

Bug report filed:
39948 - Sheet window called from PopupMenu refuses to slide open


I have improved the project. Here is the new download. Now it really looks very close to the normal animation. The trick is to use a Canvas as container to scroll the content as the window opens.


Install Feedback, that you will find into the Extras on the Xojo.com site.

Then launch it, enter user name and password.

Enter a title for your feedback, for instance “No animation for sheet window when called from a PopupMenu” and click “Search”.

When there are similar cases they will be offered, so you can eventually simply add to them. In this cases, there are none, so click “Create case”, and follow the form.

Just tested a sheet window in Xojo too. It does work – it slides down when called from a PopupMenu.

[code]Class Window1 Inherits Window

Control PopupMenu1:
Sub Change()
Dim win As New SheetWindow()
End Sub

End Class[/code]

Try using it without this line:

Dim win As New SheetWindow()

Why would I want to do this? Of course I need a new instance each time.

And it works also with ImplicitInstance = True (though I always would turn that off):

[code]Class Window1 Inherits Window

Control PopupMenu1:
Sub Change()
End Sub

End Class[/code]

Axel also confirmed this, so I’m not sure why it works for you?
I’m using the latest version of Xojo (2015 r2.2).



I use 2015R1

I put a Label on the sheet window

in Popup Menu Change I only write

sheetwin.Label1.Text = “”

and it works