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Maybe the answer is here somewhere but didn’t find it. How can I do a popup message like messagebox but with a timer instead of having the user to click a button. I see that there is a method Mobilepopup for mobile devices but what about for web apps?

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There isn’t anything built in for web. WebMessageDialog does not allow you to set a timer to close as of yet.

In general, I don’t recommend auto-closing messages. They can lead to missed information, and as anyone who tech-supports their family members knows people don’t read software messages as it is :roll_eyes:

You should be able to create one yourself with a WebDialog (incorrectly named “Modal Dialog” in the control list).

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Thank you Tim, you are correct about people not reading :slight_smile: . I will think about it.

I don’t know your use case, but maybe a Toast can help? I’ve made an example using Bootstrap Toasts, give it a try:


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404 maybe is private?

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Fixed, thanks! It’s public now.