Popup menu List Text Wrap

Is there a way to wrap the text in the list ?

Recently in one of the control i have multiple similar names and once it goes to the list limit it shows … so having 20 items with similar value and maybe last 2 words changing that are not even visible it`s hard to know which one to select .
Wrapping the text or giving the ability to expand that list it will be helpful, any ideas ?

Thanks in advance .

PopupMenu.AddRow("wrapped" + EndOfLine + "Text")

Thanks a lot Axel

Hi Axel, I came back with this issue on a combo box, it seem that there is no way to doit, Is there a way to wrap a string ? in order to have that wrapped part ?


Was curious. Not working here on my Mac (MacOS X 10.12.6, Xojo 18R1.1). Tried both 64bit and 32bit.

Is it working for anybody?

Not here too.

maybe it does not work in newer versions? (> 2016)

in my 2016R4.1 it works.

No, I am on 2015r1.

I’ve tested in Linux only.

Can we have a screen shot to get an idea of what it looks ?

here it is