Popup change event's expected behavior?

If open a Popupmenu and click on row 0 when I haven’t opened it yet, not on do I get a change but row 0 has a check on it.
Is this to be expected on all platforms?

There are no check marks on a Windows popupmenu, but I believe this is expected on macOS.

Hope that helps.

Sort of. I haven’t tested with my PC. My primary concern is if I open a Popupmenu and for the first time, and click on row 0, then it hasn’t changed, but the change event fires.

The change event fires irrelevant of whether a new item is selected, or, the current item is reselected.
It simply fires whenever the user clicks on any item in the popupmenu.

You could always code the change event to compare the current ListIndex with the newly selected ListIndex, and then act accordingly.

Thank you. That isn’t clear in the LR. [quote]newly selected value[/quote] is what it says and apparently I can keep clicking on the item and it will fire.
I referenced the previous discussion because the LR hasn’t apparently changed.

Simply compare the old and new ListIndexes in the change event if this is causing you a problem.

Actually what I want to do is eliminate what I had at 0 for the description as the “initial value” and use the first item instead.