Populate Listbox in a method with Columns and data (2020r2)

i have a problem to fill a listbox with column labels and data inside a method.
i need to set the columns count, then i will set the column header text, each columns get a column tag value (obj).
then each row is added and filled with data.

this cellvalueat( -1, column) = “abc” does not work.

Var col(32) As String

Listbox1.ColumnCount = col.Count

For i As Integer = 0 To Col.Count-1
  col(i) = DateTime.Now.ToString
  'Listbox1.CellValueAt(-1,i) = col(i) '???

Listbox1.InitialValue = Join(col,Chr(9)) 'this seems to work

found a HeaderAt(col) property :slight_smile:
but now i have a issue with ColumnTagAt(col) it did not work in HeaderBackgroundPaint


works here in HeaderBackgroudPaint, where/when are you setting HeaderAt, before the call to HeaderBackgroudPaint?

after .ColumnCount =
i filled ColumnTagAt

i replaced it with my own array.
fiddling the whole day with this listbox but now it seems to work.
it was a list with names, and each row have many dates, this dates i moved with drag & drop to a new date column.