Populate an entire listbox row or column


The Listbox.cell documentation states that if I pass the value of -1 in the row or column parameter then I can change every value in that row or column.

All I want to do is blank out a column (say column 4) in one hit by trying this:

myListbox.cell( -1, 4) = ""

But this doesn’t change anything in that column.

I realise I can change the text in every row using a loop, but I was hoping to use this single line to change an entire column

Seems that while it “should” work based on the LangRef, it seems that any reference in this syntax that contains a “-1” is interpeted as a “0” and changes only ONE cell at best

Yep, thats what I’m getting too.

I tried passing a tab-delimited string (as the ref suggests), but that only added the last value of the string to the first row of the column.