Popover creates "Untitled" taskbar item

Hi all,

I noticed this when I implemented a popover in one of my own applications, lo and behold Xojo’s own example project does it too.

When you create a popover (either a DesktopWindow or a DesktopContainer), a phantom taskbar item is created with the title of the Window in the case of the DesktopWindow, or an empty string in the case of a DesktopContainer.

Can anyone confirm this happens on their system as well? Any workarounds for this?


I remember this reported before, because the popover works like another window. Let me search if I can find info.

Edit: found this:
#75745 - Popover is shown as separate window in taskbar

Oh, thanks! Looks like it was fixed yesterday.

Is there any workaround while we wait for 2024R2?

I don’t think so. No workaround offered on the Issue.
It was fixed for 2024r1 but didn’t work and now is expected for 2024r2 (from what I see).

Found a workaround, but only for DesktopWindow. Change the window Type to “Floating Window”.

Unfortunately there’s no way to access this property in a DesktopContainer.

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