Pop3SecureSocket.CountMessages triggers an error; how to fix?


Trying to monitor the content of a e-mail account, these are the steps I’m doing:
1: set up and call Conect
2: the ConnectionEstablished and LoginSuccessful events are triggered.
3: invoke CountMessages from there.
4: getting back a ServerError event (“-ERR Unknown command.”).

It looks like the server doesn’t accept to count the available messages. I don’t know which command is issued by Xojo for that call.
I’m looking for a replacement for CountMessages; perhaps a plain text command?
Or could it be the server just won’t work with messages counting (so I have to attempt to retrieve every index until I get a server error)?


Let me give you 2 words: CURL or Chilkat. At least try CURL because you get more information from the socket there.

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Thank you. That worked (didn’t even get an error).

Have a look at RFC 1939 and look at the UIDL command.

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Thanks; I’ll take a look.