Poor etiquette on the increase

Is the shutdown of this conversation a case of the “Boy who cried wolf?” In this instance I think @Markus Winter was referring to https://forum.xojo.com/39292-xojo-app-not-potty-trained.

While “answers” have no value on this forum it is nice to at least be acknowledged for your input.

This is not an abnormal occurrence and for me it results in a “less than likely to help again response.”

And those @Patrick Delaney who don’t come for ages to the forum, to tweet on those who do - perhaps think about those who cast stones (I wouldn’t like to live in your glass house). At least Markus is here to help if he’s allowed to.

Can we please have a reset here and keep some form of freedom of speech (as long as it fits Xojo’s rules). The rancor that was involved in the initial response to @Markus Winter 's post set the scene for failure.

Please remember there is actually a person who will emotionally respond to your post. So be nice! Nice posts result in nice responses.

What is very helpful to me: Once you’ve met the persons at Conference, you are much more paying attention and showing respect when answering a question even if this is a stupid one. Looking forward to Berlin!


I disagree with Markus IF the post marked as answer is the final and complete solution to the problem. When someone checks that thread in the future it will be nice for them to have the working solution highlighted.

Markus, I am a scientist too but I don’t see that mark the same way as a reference in a scientific article, for me it should be a way to show the best/chosen answer to a particular problem. One can be thankful and show it by saying thanks to the person who gave the idea that led to the final implementation of that idea.

I must admit I haven’t followed the thread(s) that triggered this discussion. And of course I completely agree with Wayne, be nice to each other, always.


[quote=320180:@Julen Ibarretxe Uriguen]I disagree with Markus IF the post marked as answer is the final and complete solution to the problem. When someone checks that thread in the future it will be nice for them to have the working solution highlighted.

Markus, I am a scientist too [/quote]

Then let me explain in scientific terms.

Your ligation isn’t working and you ask for help.
Someone suggests dephosphorylating the vector.
You then describe how your ligation works now and what you do with the products.

Which one is the answer?

There is a difference between the “solution” and the “implementation of the solution”.

You should give credit to the one providing the solution, not to how you implemented it.

Sometimes i am glad not to be a scientist and are just allowed to have a feeling and/or an opinion, especially on a early monday morning. :wink:

What we have here is a miscommunication between those asking for help and those attempting to give it.

Those asking for help have no idea what the correct solution is otherwise they would not be asking. They are in general just overjoyed to receive any response never mind a potentially accurate one. This is one of the benefits of our community is that most likely you will receive a helpful response of some kind.

Occasionally you will get the RTFM link to an article in the dev center because it annoys someone that you didn’t bother to look. However it didn’t annoy them enough to avoid wanting the recognition for looking up the link for you.

So whether the answer be short and concise or a lengthy explanation; Our friendly question asker gets a response and marks it “Answered” because beggars should not be choosers. They feel they are being polite and giving the first answer they read some minor recognition.

Some times an ongoing discussion erupts with links to Feedback and other forum posts. Other times it’s just miscellaneous rants like this one about how someone else reported the issue 4 years ago and nothing has happened.

My point is instead of getting pissed that the green box is not around your answer you should consider the awesomeness that there was an answer at all. The person asking the question certainly was and now we are getting upset at them?

The value of the “Answered” box is the ease of finding the definitive answer to an issue in the future. A newbie in 2020 will not care if your ego was massaged or not with a green box. He/she will care that a question posed in the forum has an answer below it at the top of the thread, without browsing through 200 posts that have long since gone off-topic. The definitive answer may or may not be the answer you provided. I agree that they shouldn’t just copy and paste your answer without a word of thanks. But if the person posing the question is able to take your answer and add clarity and meat to the bones, providing the definitive answer, that should be the one that is marked IMO.

The forum does not have a system of upvoting, like on Stack Overflow, which is really what we’re talking about here. It has a simple system of showing the question and answer together and that’s it.

This is exactly what I meant.

Markus, I think we perceive the green mark in a different way. For you it’s recognition of the merit of one answer, for me it’s a solution to a specific problem.