Poor etiquette on the increase

I recently notice an increase in the poor etiquette of people marking their own post as answer when the real answer was given by someone else.

As a Scientist I find this especially irksome. You should always give credit where credit is due, and taking credit for someone else’s work is a big no-no.

Sometimes there is a reason that it could look that way.

Upon reading of any posted thread “in it’s entirety”, on any forum, one may come to an alternate conclusion - best wise not to jump to conclusions so readily. In my short time on this forum I’ve NEVER come across evidence or even felt that someone has taken credit for someone else’s work.

As a Scientist, it would be very easy to point out by copy/posting the offending/irksome examples.

Like is said - read the whole post, and after thoughtful consideration, a different view may arise. That’s what scientists do.

This is a great forum.

If someone gives you an answer, and then you follow up on his answer, incorporate it into your code, and write how it solved your problem … then HE answered the question, not YOU. It is simply impolite in the extrem to mark your own post then as the “answer”, and there is no disguising this as “it might look that way”.

Steve, we both know that you’ve done it several times. In my opinion this is simply not on. In Science it would be unforgivable.

And I’ve read the whole threads.

Ok, Markus. That’s enough!!!

Please move this thread the to the Off-Topic section. It has no place here in the general section.

I find your assertions rather perplexing and EXTREMELY offensive and without basis.

Post the text or texts that you speak of or else “shut your flamin’ trap!!!”