Pointer Up Event

Why does it produce an error when I try to place a value in an array during the iOS Canvas pointer up event?

WaveValue(Cnt) = 1

If I am using the canvas as a button

What’s the error?

Looks like stack overflow?? but not certain just shows an error “Redbug” but no info

I don’t think it is an overflow error as I set a flag for it to just action once in the event but it still breaks out

I haven’t programmed for a year maybe something has changed in IOS, it doesn’t like this code either

for x = 0 to set.Ubound-1
select case WaveValue(x)
case 0
tcnt = tcnt + 1
case 1
scnt = scnt + 1
case 2
kcnt = kcnt + 1
case 3
bcnt = bcnt + 1
end select
next x

With due respect: can you change the channel name from General to iOS ?

Thank you.

Does WaveValue have the same number of entries as set? The most likely error would be an out of bounds exception.

for x = 0 to WaveValue.Ubound-1