PNG or JPEG not showing on PC

I am using Xojo 2015 r2.2 andI am compiling apps for Windows on a MAC. It looks like an old behavior might be back provided I have not missed something.

I have pics that are PNGs and on the complied windows app the pics do not show. I have also tried to use JPEG but as expected that does not show either

Here is the code snippet that shows the pic inside the Paint Event Handler of a Canvas

g.DrawPicture Aboutlogo, YourX, YourY, g.Width, g.Height

When I run using Remote Debugger all is good

Is this an old bug that has returned or do I need to make another setting?

does this work? in

me.Backdrop = Aboutlogo

I assume you have dragged the pics into your project. Make sure that the original pic still has its ext. (.png, .jpg, etc) before it is dragged into the project. I have found Macs to be somewhat forgiving and able to discern the graphic type from the file alone, but no so Windows.

Does it have to do with the external items being in a resources folder next to the executable? (change in 2015r2):

@Bill Gookin - you sparked a light bulb

I use Inno setup to create installers and as of 2015 I did not update the ‘Build’ info to include the ‘Resources’ folder. When I included that line in the [Files] to include for the Build and then performed a ‘Build’ and then perform a ‘Run’ of the built installer and finally running the application all went well.

Thanks to everyone for your responses