Plugin folder

Switched to Linux recently and I have a problem finding the equivalent folder for plug-ins. Anyone?

did you look in /opt where the Xojo or Real Studio files are located?

Thanks I found it.
But I keep getting a permission denied to anything to the Xojo and sub folders.
How do I get the plugins dragged/copied to the folder?

change the permissions on the dir

I’m trying but for some reason my sudo password is not accepted.

depending on how you set the system up there may be no sudo’ers list

I have tried this:

vofoz@Tronicmind-PC:~$ sudo chmod -C 777 /opt/xojo
[sudo] password for vofoz: *********
vofoz is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

both using root password and the normal user password.

Solved… Thanks