Plugin files

When I install Xojo, I get some subfolders in the Xojo 2013r3 folder.
One of these subfolders is “plugins”, where there are some .rbx files.
If I want to use some features (OpenGl, for example) I must add manually other .rbx files (RBOpenGLSurface.rbx).
Is there any documentation where I can find out which plugin-files are necessary for my program and which ones can be deleted, so they are not loaded in memory when I start Xojo?



OpenGLSurface.rbx is built into Xojo. No need to install it.

Thanks Christian.
In this case, why is there a file called OpenGLSurface.rbx?
I can not understand which rbx files must be added.

There is nothing needed to be added.
It’s there by default