Plink crashing in 2016 r1

So when I first upgraded to 2016 r1 and tried the console server program I’m working on it crashed a few times, windows 10 crash, nothing in the debugger. I went back to 2015 r4 for a while and then tried 2016 r1 again and all seemed to work for a few days.

All of a sudden today I can’t get the app to work at all, every time the app starts in 2016 r1 it crashes when it tries to connect to the SSH server via plink. If I try a few times I finally get a nilobject and out of memory error in the console. This never happens in any older version of Xojo.

Here are a couple screens.

Console error:

And the generic Windows 10 crash error:

It’s really strange it would work for several days in 2016 r1 and then all of a sudden today it won’t connect to the SSH server. I haven’t changed any code. Same plink version. Any ideas? Thanks.

So here’s a clue, if I put Xojo r1 2016 in Windows 8 compatibility mode it works fine. If I turn off compatibility mode it starts crashing again. I did this a few times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’ve also checked to make sure there aren’t multiple instances of anything running in the task manager. Not sure what is causing this? :-/