Please vote SSLSocket.Secure feedback for top case

Hello everyone,

      I need help around if anyone care about SSLSocket.Secure issues, the issue itself already verified by xojo team as indeed a bug, but then it will be useful if you guys wanted to toggle SSLSocket.Secure = on and =off on the fly just like the [url=]documentation[/url] explained it .  For me this issue itself is really useful to implement a RFC about secure FTPD (Ftp Daemon/Server), in that RFC, the user need first to connect through SSLSocket.Secure = off and then after initiated special command through the FTP client, it needs to be on the fly (the same socket without disconnecting/initiated new socket) to switch on  the SSLSocket.Secure.

 So afaik it will be useful also for http -> https redirect without creating new connection/socket. The Xojo dev team mentioned it will be long time to integrated or fixes or implement if the user didn't vote it up as top case, so i need your help to vote it up. Any vote is really counts! as this issue already reported for the last 6 months. The mentioned feedback is <[](>.


Hello Andrew :D, hip hip horray, now more being prioritize based on feedback statistics!, really appreciated for those who vote it up, more would be welcome.

I know that Xojo Inc has limited resources, but at-least instead of adding in new features, better be fixing it up those which are broken :-(.