Please vote for the "ParseJSON slowness" report

The slowness of ParseJSON on Windows has become a real bottleneck for us. If you’re in that boat, please help bump the report up by voting for it in Feedback.


To recap, Xojo.Data.ParseJSON can take many times longer on Windows (by a factor of about 20x) than on the Mac or Linux.

That’s really bad. I’ll see if I can’t throw some points towards it.

I realize that the new framework is the future of Xojo, but it sure seems like every time we use it we find something like this. Makes me wonder if anyone at Xojo actually uses the new framework.

I believe Feedback uses it but it seems unlikely that the anything in the IDE is using it simply because of the issues we keep finding.

You got it - that’s quite painful to work with especially since JSON is the standard these days.