Please Reopen 37286 it is not fixed!

Please Reopen 37286 it is not fixed 37286 !!!

After more than 7 years waiting for fix and you guys lure on the fix so there was no way to test it then mark it as fixed and tested and closed.

Nothing has been fixed. Please re-open the case.

I put TreeView on window (first in Tab order), and Xojo text box, and the TreeView does not get the first focus. Exactly same as before, controls that do not return NSView in Handle do not get the first focus.

Tested On fresh application with DesktopControls.

Happens also with Xojo Listbox.

What on earth did your testers test ?

I’ve requested it for you.

I remember something about this:
53758 - Focus set at TextField even when I have 2 Listboxes with TabIndex lower than the TextField

Important note (for case 53758) it looks like the behavior is different if you change the system preferences.

I cannot for some reason write on the issue to respond to them:

Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell

November 19, 2021 - 12:00pm UTC

Hi Rick,
Please create a new Feedback case and attach a sample project that demonstrates the issue.
This issue has not been reproducible using Einhugur's own example projects or my own very simple project.

Seriously guys ? You do not need plugin to reproduce you only need to read the bug report thread.

  1. Make new project on macOS
  2. Put Xojo Listbox on Window
  3. Put Xojo Text box on Window
  4. Hit run.

The Textbox will now have the focus, but the Listbox should have the focus.

New report here:
Xojo no longer allows plugin control to be first in tab order

And please please please try to read the reports, its just heart braking that issue that has been stuck in your system never even gets read properly. And I am getting tired of writing same report over and over again.

@Geoff_Perlman please look into this mess I am furious enough those days towards Xojo inc because of other matters.

And ID of the new report since I was forced to put in same report one more time is 66667 - Xojo no longer allows plugin control to be first in tab order

I added some additional info Bjorn, hopefully it’ll help some. Did this really go from a mid June fix straight to release without you being able to test it further?

Yes they always said it was to risky to put in the build !. So was never chance to test it. At least not at any point where one could have known if it was in the build or not.

Before that it was 7 years of wait, When they could have just looked into the change set that broke it 7 and half years ago and fixed it right away then.

And strange part is it actually works if you have Enabled Full Keyboard access in control panel which they seem to have always on so they never find the issue. (Very strange to have Handicap feature always on when testing things !)

The actual F, too risky to put into the test build, but it can go into the release?

I’d not jump on that as you never know peoples situations, but yes it should really be tested with it off.

Hi @Björn_Eiríksson, We are looking into it.