please help with a listbox activecell mask


i’m trying to use a mask to limit entry in the active cell of a listbox.

what i need is to allow the user to enter negatives or positive numbers

so 123.47 or -4,568.21

i tried various combinations, but i cant find it.


Hi Dave.

The problem is which mask to use.
I need to allow a minus sign for negatives.

well I’ll be darn… no way to mask Negative numbers…
I would suggest the way normally done for textfields, and that is in KEYDOWN, but I’m not sure you can use the for a listbox activecell

Yeah you’d think it was a pretty normal thing to do in a mask.

Use CellKeydown.

well, i’m getting nearer using cellkeydown @Tim Hare.
it all works perfectly well except when i have selected text then my logic goes screwy!

hopefully i will get to the bottom of it over the weekend.

I still can’t believe nobody ever wanted to use a mask with a negative value before!!