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I am trying to create a simple wrestling lineup program that overlays onto an LED display. In the IDE, Everything looks ok. I put labels over top of rectangles so I could get a back-color. Crazy how VB6 is much more powerful on the control front than Xojo is, but anyways…

It looks fine in the IDE. But when running in debug or full, the text color goes from white to gray with white shadowing. I have no idea how to fix this, I am lost… any ideas?

why bother with overlaying a label on a canvas?
why not simply use the canvas and “draw” the text (with or without shadows)
this gives you full control…

a subclass of Canvas would be the best way to do this… very simple very easy

It’s tabular data, you could even subclass Listbox to save yourself the trouble of alignment :slight_smile:

its tabular data, but its not tabular data.

Besides this doesn’t relate to my question of why my labels are showing up gray when they are set to be White, except for a couple of them. I am not using a Canvas at all. I am using a simple rectangle control with a red backcolor.

There are math functions that calculate and shift things over for a wrestling tournament, but again its a digression of the topic!

a) Tim and I were just trying to point out a much easier and more scalable method
b) How can we tell you what the issue is, when we have no idea what you are actually doing?

If we were to answer your direct question, with a direct answer it would probably be

but a more specific answer is impossible, without more specific information

And how is tabular data , NOT tabular data?
the cells in a listbox are much easier to access than controlsets of textfields, or worse individual textfields

are some labels visible, but not enabled (enabled=false) ?

I told you what I am doing. I am trying to get a BACKCOLOR PROPERTY OF MY LABELS! Since There is no such propery in Xojo for some reason, I decided to put transparent labels on top of rectangles. What you see in the IDE is correct. THERE IS NO CODE! Yet…

Its all visuals at this point. When I run the program, the text colors shifts to something I have no idea what. its in the picture. Why? hell if I know…

As far as the operation of the program, I already have it in my head how I want this thing to layout and work, so lets just drop that part, as its not pertaining to what my actual issue is here.

But to answer your question as what I am doing, Well, code wise, Nothing. Yet. its all visuals as I said. I feel as if something is broken in the Xojo environment.

No, I checked them all. They are all set as enabled and visible.

Also in the past, I used to use the MSFlex Grid control but that doesn’t really exist here either.

Its called a Listbox, just because Xojo doesn’t use the same name/descriptions, doesn’t mean the functionality doesn’t exist

Never used a listbox before other than in android which just shows a single column list of items. Not a gridview type thing. So that one is new to me.

The listbox seems a bit more complicated than I need. Maybe thats because I am not familiar with it. Not sure how to set color schemes to certain cells, or only have a specific number of rows, etc…

Overlapping controls on Windows tends to cause issues, so I suspect that’s your problem.

The CellBackgroundPaint and CellTextPaint are the events you’ll want to look at to customize Listbox.

I’m sorry our answers weren’t exactly what you were looking for, however I believe they will help you achieve a much more desirable result.

If that is the case, then why something so simple such as a background color property, not exist? Its so fundamental in my opinion. the Oldest of VBs have it. (whoops I think i just killed my post)

)[quote=364340:@Marc Bates]The listbox seems a bit more complicated than I need. Maybe thats because I am not familiar with it. Not sure how to set color schemes to certain cells, or only have a specific number of rows, etc…[/quote]
wow… seems you are determined to do things in the most difficult way possible, yet are not willing to expend a bit of learning effort, while expecting this forum to solve the problem in the least effective way possible?

Good luck…


No, I am determined to do things “my own way, in ways that I am familiar.”. Whether it is the most difficult or the easiest is highly subjective to the individual. What I think is easy to someone else could be difficult. And vice-versa.

So you can take that “wow…” and put it right where the sun dont shine. My sincere apologies for wasting your time, and please… forget I asked anything.

Okay, well Label doesn’t have a background color option, and stacking the label on top of a rectangle isn’t working out for you. You could file a feature request in Feedback for background color on Label, but you’ll have to wait for Xojo to implement it.

Workarounds include:

  • Using multiple canvases as labels and implement your own version of Label with a background color.
  • Creating a Canvas subclass to draw the whole interface
  • Using a Listbox subclass to draw the whole interface

There may be other ideas out there, but that’s what we’ve got for you thus far as workarounds.

I don’t think that kind of attitude is in any way conformant to the forum etiquette posted at that you should have read before that reply.

When people try to help you, the least you can do is show some gratitude.

(gets to thread late as usual, ignores all the above)

Marc, more importantly did you solve the problem? PM me if not.