Playing YouTube vid on desktop app

Hi. Can you advise if I am missing anything on this? I wanted to include a how-to video on my desktop app. I added an HTMLViewer and a button hardcoded to the YT video link. It loads and plays fine, but when I change the volume or click away from the window and click back into the viewer window, the app crashes. Are there any settings to do and is using the HTMLViewer the best approach?

HTMLViewer1.LoadURL ("")

What platform?

Sorry, it’s on a Windows machine but will also be deployed on a Mac as well

I just tried your above YouTube link on a quick example with Windows 8.1 and I’m not see a crash when I switch between windows or change the volume or anything else.

Have you tried changing the renderer (in the Inspector for the HTMLViewer) to see if that has any affect. I tried both Native and WebKit, but it worked fine either way.

Thanks Paul. I just tested it with the WebKit and it worked. But then when going back to Native, it crashed. Wondering if this is just something funny with my PC. I was reading in the reference guide and am a bit confused if I use the WebKit. When deploying, do I need to add anything to the package for this?

No, you do not need to add anything yourself. The WebKit DLL will be packaged into the app (in the libs folder) automatically.

It could be the version of IE on your Windows machine is causing trouble when running with the Native setting. I find WebKit is more reliable in general.

Ok great! Thanks for you help as always Paul