Playing with iOS (and SQLite DB)

I loaded the SQLiteExample project, run it and… click in the buttons.

where the sqlite file is saved ?

I suppose the file format is the same as the Desktop format.

About the used channel: I do not saw a iOS channel, so I select the macOS channel.

The iOS channel is below Targets:

and database files probably go into the document or preferences folder of your app’s sandbox container.

Thanks Christian for your answer.

iOS Chanel:
I can see the Raspberry Pi Channel, but no iOS.

When I am in the Forum entry page, I can see a list of Channels, no iOS; that Includes Targets. A click in Targets does not reveal iOS.

Database location:
I searched there. There also is a “save” path in the project code, but nothing there.
I can be wrong (I am wrong), but usually, I search before asking (most of the time).
Sometimes I need my glasses (even if I already wear them:().

Edit: I tried to change the chanel, but I do not see it either (I can’t).

I changed channel to iOS. Not sure why Emile cannot see the iOS channel selection.

In the iOS SQLiteExample project, the first line of code in View1.CreateDBButton.Action has the SQLiteDatabase file location:

Dim dbFile As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("example.sqlite")

Hi Paul,

thank you. I bootedfrom a macSierra 10.12.4 external HD and now I can see the iOS channel.

Is it possible that when that channel was created I hide it and now I cannot reverse that ?

Dim dbFile As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("example.sqlite")

Thank you, but I saw that line and there was nothing there when I ran the example project.

It is 4:15 in the night here (now), I will wait 'till I see the lights of the sun to re-check (with 2017r1).

BTW: before posting this answer, I checked… in a new tab: I do not even see this entry. This is after I registered to the forum. So, my guess above may holds the answer.

Emile, you’ve probably hidden the iOS channel, inadvertently or otherwise. Go to the forum home page and click the hamburger icon top left. Scroll down and look for iOS. Click the settings cog. Unhide.

Thank you Gavin.

Unfortunately, I do not saw a hamburger icon top left. *

To watch your anwser, I logged as new user on El Capitan, accessed the forum as non registered…

To be able to access the write mode, I go to settings (I think).

  • I was looking in the dark blue bar. The hamburger icon: fun. It is (more or less) used elsewhere as Menu, a way to access to PDFs documents and other stuff (in, etc.

I checked in it with “it may be that, after all !” in mind ant it was that. And the iOS was set to hide.