Playing Gifs

I was just going back through the threads but the discussion was a while back. Is there a consensus on the best way to play animated gifs?


Problem is HTMLViewer is the only control in Xojo iOS that does not mess with the picture format.

Xojo iOS does things that the desktop version does not do.

If a gif is dragged into the project, what goes into the bundle is a png version converted from it.

The only way I found was to use a copyfile step, and then this in the HTMLViewer :

dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.GetResource("currybear.gif") me.LoadURL(f.URLPath)

Hi Michel, is the looping of the GIF controlled in the viewer or the GIF itself?

The GIF is displayed like any other browser. If you want to control the way it displays, you probably would need to decompose it in separate frames.

From what I see by following a few links here

All solutions available imply taking the gif apart and generating a new one.

The GIF can state whether it loops or not.

Ulrich’s new iOSLib has an animated picture example.

Unless using an htmlviewer you’ll have to get into declares.