Planning XDC2016

I’m trying to figure out that days to book the hotel for XDC 2016. I’m thinking of arriving on Tuesday and leaving either Sunday or Monday, but wanted to get a feel for what others might be doing.

We just booked the flight arriving at 4:45pm the day before and departing the day after at 1pm. I tend to miss the post conference hangout, but wanted to be around for it!

you may want to stay an extra day or two if you plan trips to space center, battleship, coast (Galveston pie) or downtown.

Craig and I are traveling down from Austin on the 4th and I fly back to the UK on the Sunday.

I’m hoping I can drum up interest for a trip on Saturday to the space center.

Space Center is definitely on the list. Might be crazy on a Saturday though.

Well my plans/flights don’t give me another day to do it :wink:

I’ll be in Houston from Saturday to Saturday. The first weekend is for visiting with a close friend from college. Monday and Tuesday are for sightseeing, when the crowds will be more tolerable than on a weekend. Looking forward to another Xojo geek week! :slight_smile: