Placing small, secondary window

My app calls a small window (320x140) which opens for 3 secs on top of the large, main screen and then closes. The window is called with

dim w As new smallScrn
When the app is run on the main monitor all is well, When the main screen is dragged to a secondary monitor (Screen(1)) on either Win or Mac, the small screen still opens on the main monitor (Screen(0)) and can be missed by the user. I have tried every “placement” setting for the small screen (Main screen, Parent Window, Parent Window Screen, etc.) to no avail.
Is there any trick I am missing to get this small screen to open on the same monitor where the main screen is placed?,
Xojo 2017r2.1
Mac 10.12.6
Win 10

I don’t have a second screen to try this but could you set the small window’s top and left manually in relation to the parent’s window? Something like = + topoffsetamount smallwindow.left = mainwindow.left + leftoffsetamount

I don’t know if the window placements are calculated relative to the current screen or to the main screen so this may or may not work. ?

Thanks Marcus, but in this case I didn’t want the Windows to be modal.

That’s why I used ShowWithin and not ShowModalWithin :wink:

Just to see what would happen, I tried…


Maybe because the window is NOT a sheet window, or for whatever reason, it did not work. The small window still opened on Screen(0) while the calling window was on Screen(1). Thanks for the suggestion, Marcus. Always looking to learn new things.

I do not have two monitors connected, but wth two document windows window 2 SHOULD open inside window 1 (it works with one screen). if it doesn’t with two screens then I’d call that a bug.