Placing containercontrols on a form

Sometimes it happens that you have instances of a nice containercontrol on several forms in the applications and you need to change the control layout, code, behavior etc.
In this case you might have to take the control off the form and place the modified version again.
Isn’t there a way to just update the control existing on a form with just a few clicks without removing it manually first ?

This is so fucking annoying … completely opposit of rapid application design.
Just add an even to a subclassed control and you can replace them all.

Stupid question: why do you have to remove the container control??? I edit my CCs all the time.

yes, that’s where they are for and yes if I start a new project it works as expected.

Within a large project (2016R3) I don’t see just added eventdefinitions before I take the control off the form and place a new instance of it. Why…?

IDE cacheing would be my guess, there may be a way to trick them into showing up. Has anyone asked @Norman Palardy ?

Thanks Tim, I guess so too.
My hope is on @Norman Palardy giving me the trick.

Oh… even after a fresh restart of the IDE and reloading the project I can’t use the new event. This is solved when I take of the control and place a new instance.

If you change the class to label and then back to MyContainerClass it should do the same thing as removing it but hopefully the existing code and properties would be saved. You would still need to do this for all the instances.