Placing a moveable dialog

Is there a possibility to place a moveable dialog above the running apps window?
The dialog is a window of type “Moveable Dialog” and called with ShowModal.

I use two displays and the moveable dialog can show up on a different screen
than the app itself. That confuses me, and I expect that it will confuse my
customers too.

The window placement properties do not show any effect. What can I do?

take a look at on OS X. On Windows, you can set the dialog top / left before showing it.

Dim TopOffset, LeftOffset as integer

MyModalWindow.Top = Self.Top + TopOffset
MyModalWindow.Left = Self.Left + LeftOffset


Thanks Lennox,
that works pretty well. Good to know that apple creates one big screen out of both displays.

Thanks Michael,
I havent’t tested this version, because my modal dialog consists of a lot more controls than the MessageDialog.