Places to sell software

I know I’ve asked this question many times, and failed to do anything about it, but I thought I’d ask again. Apart from eSellerate and the Mac App Store, where else can Xojo made apps be sold that includes features such as serial generation, activation and in-app-purchase?

Paypal ?
If you need some scripts for this … let me know.

PayPal is also on my list of places that I’ve previously been shafted and try to avoid. I’d built up quite a bit of cash with PayPal and went to withdraw it, they closed my account and it took 3 months to finally get the cash. Most frustrating was I really needed it at the time and ended up borrowing money :frowning:

[quote=24026:@Christophe De Vocht]Paypal ?
If you need some scripts for this … let me know.[/quote]
I’d be interested

I too would be interested in places to sell my apps. Currently I use the MAS and direct sales from my site (using PayPal).

I’ve been trying to get onto Paddle but they ignore my emails. They even contacted me via my website contact form to ask if I wanted to join, but have completely ignored my replies saying yes. Weird way to do business!

Also, does anyone have tips as to how/where to promote? I’ve been in the MacUpdate 24 hour promo once, which was good for me, but I don’t know how to get into other places/bundles. Anyone managed to get a write up on any sites like TUAW etc.?

MacUpdate does boost sales quit a bit when you update your applications. Two of my apps are Editors Choice (shown in red) and those definitely have bigger sales.

I forgot about Paddle, I have a really good contact there I can contact him on your behalf if you like. I’ll PM you my e-mail address and reply to it so I can provide him with your e-mail.

Are you looking for an eSellerate replacement or places to advertise your app?

For the first one question there are still Fastspring and Avangate. Newer options are Stripe and Gumroad.

For the second question there is the daily MacupdatePromo, the Daring Fireball blog, Mac App Storm.

That would be great Same, thank you!

Obviously I mean “That would be great SAM”! Damn my morning typing.

How did you get into the MacUpdatePromo Beatrix? I have been in it once with my older software, but my contact there has left now so I’m not sure who to get hold of.

So far I haven’t done a Macupdate Promo, yet. It’s on my to-do list for autumn.