Place a Window at the screen top


this is a follow up of the very same question I asked here weeks (months ?) ago.

I tried:

Window1.Top = 0 Window1.Top = Screen(0).Top Window1.Top = Screen(0).AvailableTop

I had in my code a commented:

Window1.Top = 100
that proves that I checked if the command really works. But I cannot use a fixed value.

And all I get was Window1 appears with the title bar and the toolbar hidden above the screen (they are invisible to the user).

I do not care (really ?) about the window title, but if I do not display the toolbar, how can you click in the next / previous / choose from a list buttons ?

Compiled on OS X 10.9.5 / Xojo 2014r2.1

Next check: install the project on the Windows 8.1 laptop so I can check directly without using two copies (USB MemoryCard)…
Same troubles ! No Solution found.

10:35PM, time to stop.

I will come back to this project tomorrow before sending this message, sometimes, after a sleep, at awake time, solutions appears…

Not this time.

  Dim myBounds As New Realbasic.Rect
  myBounds.Width = 400 // your Window Width
  myBounds.Height = 300 // your Window Height
  myBounds.Top = 0 + Screen(0).AvailableTop
  Window1.Bounds = myBounds

Thank You Axel.

It seems that i do not noticed Bounds !

Post implementation report:

I had hard time implementing this (good) advice, (very good advice), but that was me. It tooks me 5 minute at awaken time, but I spend some times (one hour ?) yesterday evening.

I was certainly walking a mile beside my shoes…