Pimoroni Automation HAT

I would like to read the A/D on the Pimoroni Automation HAT with Xojo running on my Raspberry Pi, but can find no documentation on doing this, either on their website on on this one. Has anyone tried it? Also, I’d like to turn on/off the Power, COMMS and WARN LEDs, but can’t find the pinout for them. Any help will be very much appreciated.

I have no experience with that HAT, but a quick Google search turned up a Python project on GitHub that had these links:

In the pinout sais it has an SN3218, this is an I2C LED driver http://www.si-en.com/uploadpdf/s2011517171720.pdf

So i understand you must “talk” to it via I2C via SDA & SDL pins http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/i2c-tutorial (Address 0x54) to switch on/off the LEDs, they are also dimmable with this.

Also has an ADC1015 (4 x ADC 12bit channels) https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/datasheets/ads1015.pdf (Address 0x48)

Perhaps this helps: http://developer.xojo.com/gpio