piDogScrollingCanvas and DataView 1.4 Released

piDog Software announces DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.4

November 17, 2015, Phoenix Arizona - piDog Software has released piDogScrollingCanvas v1.4, a cross-platform canvas control and DataView, a listbox replacement based on piDogScrollingCanvas for use with the Xojo programming environment.

This release adds many features and enhancements, most importantly support for 64bit builds.

piDogScrollingCanvas offers many features including:

Built in smooth scrolling.
Gesture based zoom and rotation on OS X.
Vibrancy support on OS X.
Highly efficient handling of multiple layers.
Virtually infinite layer dimensions.

DataView is a listBox replacement created with piDogScrollingCanvas and offers many advanced features including:

Unlimited rows and columns.
Multiline cell text.
Independent row and cell heights.
Smooth scrolling and zoom features.
Ultra fast rendering.
Mouse events for individual cells.
Support for Retina displays.
Per cell support for text color, background color, font.
Supports checkbox, progress bar, and popup menu cells.
Provides animated row reordering and folder expansion and collapse.

DataView uses a DataSource object to allow custom on-demand lists to be created with relative ease. This release also adds a CustomDataSource class that exposes the methods available to override in a DataSource subclass.

piDogScrollingCanvas and DataView are available as a unit and as a part of the piDog Bundle for Xojo.

More info about DataView:

More info about piDogScrollingCanvas:

More info about the piDog Bundle For Xojo:

For further information contact:
Jim McKay