piDog Software updates piDog Bundle for Xojo

Phoenix, AZ (August 28, 2013) - TheBigUndo and ActivityViewer, two parts of the piDog Bundle for Xojo, have been updated!

TheBigUndo 1.3 update include:
• ContainerControls are now detected automatically!
• Listbox now supported in window.xml
• ListBox RowPicture now supported in undo/redo and window.xml
• Updated Documentation and Demo.

ActivityViewer 2.5 update include:
• Added Icon methods.
• Added Extends Modules for SocketCore and Shell classes.
• Fixed “Clean up List” button flicker on windows.
2.4 update
• Rewrote much of the rendering with major improvements to cpu and memory usage.
• Added a ThreadExtensions Module
• Uses introspection to find an ActivityList if none is specified
• Now flicker-free on Windows.
• Colors and fonts are now customizable.
• Removed Factory module as it is no longer needed.
• Removed dependency on DefaultActivityWindow.
• Reorganized modules to reflect core vs extras.
• Added constants to ActivityViewer_Module for localizing strings in the future.

TheBigUndo is a set of modules from piDog Software for use with Xojo that allow developers to add undo and redo functionality to projects with minimal effort.

ActivityViewer is an easy to use set of Container Controls that can be embedded in a Window to display the progress of background processes and optionally give the user the ability to cancel or pause a process. Includes a DownloadSocket class that checks with the server to see if it can be paused and makes downloading files a breeze. Includes Proxy-Server and Authentication support!

The piDog Bundle includes TheBigUndo, ActivityViewer, piDog CalendarControl and AppPrep with more to come! Download the demos today! Buy a license and get access to updates and new modules for 1 year!