piDog Software releases version of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

Phoenix, Arizona (May 2nd 2017) – piDog Software releases version of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

DataView has been updated to fix some glitches and improve compatibility as a drop-in replacement for Xojo’s Listbox control.

In this Update:

[All] Added notes to companion classes to help explain usage.
[All] DatePicker and PopupMenu now fire Action, Changed and CellTextChanged as appropriate
[All] Added SortedColumn for ListBox compatibility
[All] Added ScrollbarVertical and ScrollbarHorizontal for Listbox Compatibility
[All] ActiveCell now returns the current editing cell
[All] Cells with overlapping cells due to colspans now render correctly when resizing and reordering
[All] Fixed up some issues with editField when embedding DataView in a containerControl
[All] Fixed up some container allignment issues
[All] Fixed an issue using cellBackGroundColor on individual cells
[All] Headers now resume unclicked appearance if HeaderPressed returns true (press was handled)
[All] Fixed an issue with cells being improperly clipped
[Linux/Win] using decimalAlign now works as expected
[Mac] DatePicker now allows selecting currently selected date to dismiss
[Mac] Fixed a bug preventing trackpad clicks from registering on embedded containers in macOS 10.12
[Linux] Contextual Menu functions now function properly.

piDogDataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are a package and available encrypted for $99 with source code available for $349. Both licenses include one year of updates from the date of purchase.

More information and demo/download available at: