piDog Software releases v1.8.1 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

Phoenix Arizona (February 2nd, 2017) - piDog Software releases v1.8.1 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas.

DataView is designed to be a very powerful replacement for Xojo’s built-in ListBox, providing many useful features such as smooth-scrolling, column reordering, progress-bars, pop-up menus, and Date-Choosers. Able to handle a virtually unlimited data set, DataView’s native theme-compliance looks right at home under any version of Mac-OS, Linux and Windows that Xojo supports. DataView also supports Retina Displays on MacOS, HIDPI on Windows, and Display Scaling on Linux! It also supports using ContainerControls to provide cell content for almost limitless capability.

Some Highlights in 1.8.1
*Added AccessColumnsByInsertionOrder property
*Added HeadingTextColor, HeadingTextBold, HeadingTextFont, HeadingTextSize and HeadingTextItalic to listColumn
*Added more cell formatting options to listColumn class
*Added AllowsUnderflow property to always fill available width of the DataView
*Embedded Containers now behave when resizing the window after clicking a container
*Added CellTextPaintEnabled property to improve performance when using standard cell painting
*Calendars and PopupMenus now fire on mouseup to allow dragging in PopupMenu and DateChooser cells
*Updated control rendering under classic and high contrast themes to work correctly under Windows

piDogScrollingCanvas and DataView are available immediately for download at

Licenses start at $99 with a full year of updates.