piDog Software releases DataView v1.2 with piDogScrollingCanvas v1.3

piDog Software releases DataView v1.2 with piDogScrollingCanvas v1.3

Phoenix, Arizona, June 10th 2015

piDog Software is happy to announce the release of v1.2 of DataView and v1.3 of piDogScrollingCanvas.

piDogScrollingCanvas is a canvas-based control allowing easier creation of efficient controls with a large scrollable area. It also provides for natural scrolling and zooming.

DataView is a ListBox replacement for Xojo, the cross-platform development environment from Xojo inc., providing many features and options not available in the standard ListBox, including:

Pixel based scrolling.
Retina support.
Vibrancy support.
Embedded ProgressBars.
Embedded Popup Lists.
Unlimited Columns.
DataSource class for creating “On-Demand” lists.

With this release DataView gets many optimizations and enhancements:

DataView now supports a virtually infinite number of rows and columns
Smoother, more natural scrolling.
Faster rendering.
Improved rendering of scrollers on all 3 platforms.
Improvements to rendering of ProgressBars and Popup Menus.
Improvements to Vibrancy.
Now accepts accented characters on MacOS.
A DataView wrapper subclass is now included to expose available events, methods, and properties.

DataView is included with piDogScrollingCanvas and both are available immediately for $99 encrypted or $349 including source-code. Both are also available as a part of the piDog Bundle for Xojo for $150 encrypted. The bundle also includes CalendarControl, TheBigUndo and ActivityViewer.

For more information or to download the free demo, visit