piDog Software releases DataView v1.14.5.1

Phoenix, AZ (May 31, 2019) — piDog Software has announced v1.14.5.1 of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

piDog Software is happy to announce the release of v of DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas.

DataView, based on piDogScrollingCanvas is intended to be an easy to use, drop-in replacement for Xojo’s Listbox control, providing more capabilities and a more modern feel while extending the ListBox API.

This release includes several internal optimizations allowing DataView to perform at least as well as Xojo’s built-in Listbox control when adding thousands of rows (and much better on Windows builds).

On-demand functionality has also been improved to eliminate the delay when initializing a list to display millions of rows.

This release also includes an important fix for Windows builds that could cause a stackoverflow exception when editing a cell.

Scrolling performance has been improved to recover speed lost in the previous few versions.

More improvements have been made to handling of system colors and dark mode in macOS.

piDogDataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are available for purchase as a single package. piDogScrollingCanvas is also available as an independent product. Encrypted and Unencrypted versions are available.

For pricing, full release notes, demo download and more info, visit