piDog, DataView and API 2.0

Hi there,

Based on Jim’s latest blog post, I was left with the impression that DataView (including the latest version will not be compatible with newly created projects that default to the API 2.0 events. Am I mistaken?


No you’re not mistaken
The New events will supplant the old API 1.0 ones IF you use them and that could break things
Its an unfortunate effect of the choice Xojo made to pursue those

DataView will continue to work with 2019r2.

IF you were to add opening/closing/activated events, it will break (same as every other control out there)

The only irritating part is that you will continue to see deprecation warnings in the “analyze project” output.

@jim mckay THANK YOU for continually updating your modules and being so responsive to user feedback. You are easily one of my favourite developers in the Xojo community.