piDog DataView 1.9.0 - Crashes under macOS 10.13, blurred under Linux


just had a look to DataView 1.9.0 Sample Project and tried to debug it under macOS 10.10 (32 & 64-Bit). The App terminates direct after executing. Looks like a bug.

Under Linux (Mint, Ubuntu) the DataView in the Comparison Window is blurred.



What Xojo version are you using? If you can find a crash log for me that would be awesome.
I’m not seeing crashing here… OSX10.10-10.13 Xojo2014r2.1 to current.

As for the blurred text, check that the rendermode setting on the dataview in the listbox comparison window is set to Vector mode.
Trying to get inspector values to stick has been a real challenge…

Also, is there any remote debugging involved? I just want to narrow down the issue.

Xojo 2017.2.1

You got an e-Mail.

Yes, both Linux systems running with remote debugger.

I’ve posted an update to remedy the crashing along with a few other more minor issues.

Now the is crashing under windows

@Sunil Abraham , what versions of Xojo and WIndows and 64 or 32 bit? Also debug or built app and if debug, local or remote? Thanks.

Xojo 2017 r2.1 on windows 10 64 bit. I was running from the ide itself.

Just tested with the same setup and I’m not seeing any crashes.
Are you seeing a hard crash (the application encountered an error dialog) or is it just droppping back to the IDE? And does the demo finish launching before the crash?
Do you have any plugins installed?
Also, try clearing Xojo’s cache…

Are you planning a web version

I’ve posted
It should resolve the Windows issues and a few other visual issues for Mac/Linux printing and HiDPI

@Paul Oxley I’ve looked at doing a web version and I think it could be done, but would be a ways off if I do decide to go ahead with it.