Does anyone has a sample project that can be upload where we can select a picture from the server and display it?
I am building a web app where the user calls it up with an Android tablet via a web browser. The user wants to select a picture that will be stored in a SQLLITE db

Thank you in advance for your help

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ok so how about just to take a picture and copy it to a WebImageViewer?

I’m sorry but your question/needs are not clear.

Do you want someone with a Tablet to take a picture, upload the picture to the webserver and save it to a SQLite db?

Most people allow uploads with the Web upload option, save the file to some place on the server folder and may keep a reference on a db.

You may start with the WebFileUploader example, use FolderItem to create folder and move files and db example to save the FolderItem path to it.

If you get stuck, you can share your code and someone will help pass the problem.