Pictures from Vegas

I’d love to see any shots people took in Vegas - how about we share them all here?

Here is my favorite one I took. This was taken on Friday evening after everything was done. I drove west to the edge of the city and a little ways up the foothills there.

Full Size Version Here

If you all want to send them over to me I can put them up on our Flickr account to share with everyone.

Nice panorama, Kim. Here are a few of my snaps from the conference.

Geoff’s keynote:

Hamish and I took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon yesterday. Words fail me. I’ll try pictures instead :wink:

Whoops: those images were a bit big. The file sizes aren’t too big though, and the forum software seems to be doing a good job of scaling them appropriately.

Great shots, Tom! I’ve got a few more I’ll throw up later today.

Here are a few more from me:

As Homer Simpson might say, “Hmmmm; In-N-Out…”

In-N-Out is great. dont have any in Atlanta.

Fat Burger in Vegas
Pretty decent burgers and an awesome spot to people watch - which in Vegas is a great sport :stuck_out_tongue: