Pictures and drag-n-drop

Newb here, finishing up my evaluation of Xojo for a future project. I have some questions about pictures/images and drag-n-drop.

In the app I’m going to be building, the user will need the ability to drag pictures (jpegs) from either their desktop or WinExplorer/Finder onto my program’s window, in the same way as, for example, can be done with Apple’s iPhoto program. Once the picture is dragged to my app’s window, the picture will need to be displayed as a thumbnail, with the possibility of multiple pictures/thumbnails being displayed. Double-clicking the thumbnail should expand the picture to its full size - again, like iPhoto.

I’ve read the Xojo docs regarding pictures, graphics, the canvas, image wells, etc., I’ve searched through this forum, and I’ve looked at the DragPicture demo in the examples folder, but can’t seem to find answers to some very basic questions. I can’t drag a picture to the window in the DragPicture demo - is the program broken? I’ve also looked at the ObjectsInCanvas demo, which appears to work just fine. Regarding an overall design approach, should I be following the approach in the ObjectsInCanvas demo, or should I place each dragged picture into its own image well? In my window where I expect the user to drag pictures, the background component is currently just a tab panel page. Should I overlay something on top of the page, such as a canvas component? The answer, I think, is obviously YES if I’m going to model my app after the ObjectsInCanvas demo. But what if I use image wells instead to display the pictures?

Sorry for the basic questions. I think the Xojo docs are great, but not as complete as they could be.

As written the DragPicture demo supports drop and drags between application windows. It works fine for me (Mavericks, Xojo 2013r3.3).
It does not support drops of picture files. If you added


to the ImageCanvas.Open Event, and change the ImageCanvas.DropObject Event to

mDragInside = False If Obj.PictureAvailable Then mImage = obj.Picture Elseif Obj.FolderItemAvailable Then mImage = Picture.Open( obj.FolderItem ) End If PlatformRefresh

it would support both application to application picture drops and picture file drops. Additional code would be required to allow the app to drag and drop pictures files.