Picture Transparency change from 2015 R3.1 to 2015 R4

Hello Everyone,

I am updating some of my Canvas examples and noticed that I am getting a transparency (I think its transparency?) issue. The below download is the first step in creating a game called Spaceship shooter. When the program runs in Xojo 2015 R3.1 or previous version, the spaceship graphic is good when the keyboard right- and left- buttons are pressed. Running the program on Xojo 2015 R4 causes the graphic to become almost transparent when the right- and left keyboard buttons are pressed - but, when the ship is back at 0 radians (or 0 degrees) then the ship is not transparent anymore.

Below is the link to download the example program and the ship graphic.


There have been many improvements in 2014 r4 and am curious if this is a bug or an intentional change? LOL, after staring at the code for too many days, I am open for suggestions :slight_smile:


Edit: This is on Windows 10, and the same picture/graphics issue is happening with the latest version of Xojo 2016 r1.1

Oops, it should read that the transparency change happens from Xojo 2015 R3.1 to Xojo 2015 R4 (not 2014 R4).

Wish I could help you but I don’t have Windows and the problem isn’t occurring on Mac. I’d suggest making a very basic project of just a PixmapShape and a button that changes it’s rotation to see what happens, and/or start stripping down your project to this point. Maybe try a PBuffer with alpha channel: New Picture(w, h) instead of a Mask: New Picture(w, h, 32). Basically, to pin down the problem make it as simple as possible and wiggle anything that’s left.

Also you might find a relevant change in the release notes. I quickly glanced over it and didn’t see anything but maybe there’s something there.

Hi Will,

Thanks for looking at the code and giving it a try. I have tried to strip it down over the last week and when the example becomes simple, then I am not able to recreate the error. I did check the release notes and there was a change in the notes, and the only one which was kind-of close is 15940 - IDE - Miscellaneous - Newly added labels now default the Transparent property to true. I have set the transparent property to false and have not had success.

Thanks for the comments.

That’s the key. Add back stuff until it breaks again, then remove some of that until it works, toggling back and forth until you find the one line that makes the difference. It’s not always one line but finding a switching point usually reveals something.