Picture Mask: Wrong Resolution

Funny, at this moment I also did this and updated the Picture Mask Sample, so that you can now see exactly that the wrong picture was drawn in HiDPI mode :wink: So you seem to have found a solution for the problem. Thanks :wink:

yeah I suspect its because the graphics being drawn to did not come from a screen and so thats relevant

so you manually have to find the right indexed image and draw it manually using all the params

it works BUT would be nice if drawpicture looked at the dpi of the graphics being drawn into and grabbed the right indexed image in that case but that doesnt seem to be happening

It now works in HiDPI mode, but in Low-Res mode no image is displayed in rounded rectangle :frowning: In Low-Res Mode notePic.ImageCount is always Zero. So no picture will be drawn.

you mean when you turn off supports Hidpi ?

if thats the case then just test for imagecount = 0 and draw as you used to which would be low res mode