Picture Losing Text in Cell

Anybody have any ideas why I am losing the string when it is displayed in the listbox? The example code is listed below. I am using GraffitiSuite grid, but it was happening in 1.0 project as well. The picture shows up just fine but the text only shows up when I am in debug mode. When its on Xojo cloud it just will not show up.

Here is the code:

For i As Integer = 1 To 10 
  EditInformationDictionary = New Dictionary
  Dim Picture1 As New Picture(250,70)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawingColor = App.Color_White
  Picture1.Graphics.FillRoundRectangle(0,0,250,70, 5, 5)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawingColor = App.Color_Border
  Picture1.Graphics.Pensize = 1
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawRoundRectangle(0,0,249,69, 5,5)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawPicture(FoxieLogo60x60, 15, 5, 60, 60, 0, 0, FoxieLogo60x60.Width, FoxieLogo60x60.Height)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawingColor = App.Color_Text
  Picture1.Graphics.PenSize = 1
  Picture1.Graphics.FontSize = 14
  Picture1.Graphics.FontName = "Arial"
  Picture1.Graphics.Bold = False
  Picture1.Graphics.Italic = True
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawText("Jeffery Lemons", 95, 25)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawText("Programmer", 95,40)
  Picture1.Graphics.DrawText("Foxie School", 95, 55)
  Var wpPicture1 As WebPicture = Picture1
  wpPicture1.UseCompression = False
  EditInformationDictionary.Value("Header1Pic") = wpPicture1
  EditInformationRow = New GraffitiGridRow(EditInformationDictionary)

Thank you for any help in advance.

I don’t think Xojo Cloud includes the Arial font, which causes the text drawing in the picture to fail. You can upload your own fonts.

Uploaded the test font Arial and it works perfect! You are always there in a jam. Thanks so much!

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Happy to help!