picture in database displayed in window

I have defined a BLOB field in my database table of CONTACTS and want to be able to place a thumbnail picture of the person in the table. Just like the address book works in Mac OSX. I tried putting an image well on the form but couldn’t drag/drop a jpg to it.

So, how do I put a field on the form, drag a jpg and drop it on the form and then put the image in the blob field?


I have solved the problem of not being able to drop an image but is there any function or plugin that can automatically resize the image to fit the imagewell?

Graphics.DrawPicture ( Image as Picture, X as Integer, Y as Integer [,DestWidth as Integer ] [, DestHeight as Integer ] [, SourceX as Integer ] [, SourceY as Integer ] [, SourceWidth as Integer ] [, SourceHeight as Integer] )

The following code crops and scales the image. The top half of the image is retained and the DestWidth and DestHeight parameters specify a 50% reduction.

excellent! thanks.

Joachim, does the code go in the dropobject event of the image well?