Picture in a WebListBox with dataSource

I have an app showing a list of audio tracks into a WebListBox, the List is loaded from database using a dataSource.
All is working fine, and I have been able also to draw a Picture in a cell with the album cover.

I have done it this way, the code is in the RowData method of the dataSource:

Var stcop As new WebStyle
stcop.Value(“background-image”) = “url(”“”+session.pathCopertine + rs.Column(“ca_logo”).StringValue+“”“)”
stcop.Value(“background-repeat”) = “no-repeat”
stcop.Value(“background-position”) = “center”
rendcop = new WebListBoxStyleRenderer(stcop,“”)
row.Value(“immCopertina”) = rendcop

All works fine, except that when a row is selected, the select color ‘covers’ the picture…

so two questions:

  1. if the WebListBox has a dataSource, is it possible to store somewere the cover path, or I must necessarily do a query using the track id stored on the row Tag every time a track is selected to retrieve it?

  2. Having in some way the cover path, how can I redraw the cell on the SelectionChanged event?

Thank you!