Picture in a ListBox Row

I set a Picture in a ListBox using:

LB_Create.RowPicture(LocRow) = MyImage // MyImage: an image dropped in the project

LocRow is the Row number of the just added Row with… AddRow.

Far below are the image and how it looked on the ListBox.

If you count the vertical bars, you will know how many pixels are missing (15).

Nota: the original image was changed to the actual shown in order to know how many pixels are missing from my original image.

Nota: Relocate seems to be vanished in the ether. I closed the project and reload it to (try to) be sure the right image is loaded at run time (in the IDE). I even delete the image from the project and re-drag another (colored): same results.

10 pixels are lost from the left of the image.

Xojo 2015r1
OS X 10.10.3 PB.

Nota: that project was created with an older Xojo version (created on 2014-12-19). I usually run the current to date version of Xojo.

PS: I know that I can use CellBackgroundPaint (and I do that, but the image disappears when a Row is selected. That is why I changed my mind to use RoWPicture.
The Picture in the ListBox Row:

and the original image file:

RowPicture starts drawing in cell 0. Use CellBackgroundPaint, but remember to return “true”.

Hi Kem,

thank you for your answer. Sorry, the ListBox screen shot is misleading: the “column” on the left is another ListBox.

So, you are right, 100% right.

I used (the code is still there) CellBackgroundPaint, but the icon disappears when a Row is selected.

I do not remember if I set return to “true”. I will check.

The problem still happens: the leftmost 15 pixels from the icon are not printed. I will try (again) to enlarge my icon by 15 pixels (added at the icon left) to know if my icon will completely be drawn.

Do you still have snow in New York ?