Picture from Picture

I would like to convert a smaller area from a larger image into a separate image and print it out. But I can only choose the same or smaller size.
Dim pic As New Picture(300 , 300)
How can I move this NewPicture to a specific position of the large image to copy that exact area?

Dim pic As New Picture(300 , 300)   
//   (300 , 300, 32)  if you dont want it to be transparent 

//draw on it..
pic.graphics.fillrect  20,30,100,100

dim biggerpic as new picture (2000,2000)
biggerpic.graphics.forecolor = &cff0000   
// red.  (probably Drawcolor or something similar in API2)
biggerpic.graphics.fillrect  0,0,2000,200   //filled with red
biggerpic.graphics.drawpicture  pic,18,531   // put 'Pic' at some position of biggerpic

I need the reverse. I have a large picture and need to copy a small one from it.
As I understand your example, you draw a small picture in a large one.

I’ve build this method to resize a picture

Public Function ResizePicture(inPicture as picture, newWidth as integer, newHeight as integer) As picture
  '- Bildgröße anpassen (skalieren) / adapt size of a picture                          -
  if inPicture = nil then
    return inPicture
  end if
  var r as new picture( newWidth, newHeight, 32 )
  r.Transparent = 1
  r.graphics.drawpicture inPicture, 0, 0, newWidth, newHeight, 0, 0, inPicture.width, inPicture.height
  return r
End Function

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I need a selected part of a bigger picture.
Wait, it should be able to be realized with: g.DrawPicture(MyImage, 0, 0, MyImage.Width * scale, MyImage.Height * scale, 0, 0, MyImage.Width, MyImage.Height)
I am experimenting…

Use DrawPicture.

You can specify the source x,y,width,height and also specify destination x,y,width,height (use 0,0,source width,source height).

All of this should be explained in the documentation.

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new manual hide arguments in the explanation … omg … :dotted_line_face:

With this code in a canvas :
g.DrawPicture(mPict, 0, 0, me.Width, me.Height, 30, 30, 100, 100)
You will have only a part (square 100 x 100 pixels from x = 30 and y = 30) of mPict drawn if mPict is bigger than the canvas

Use this syntax:

Graphics.DrawPicture(Image As Picture, x As Double, y As Double [, destWidth As Double] [, destHeight As Double] [, sourceX As Double] [, sourceY As Double] [, sourceWidth As Double ] [, sourceHeight As Double])

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It’s a bug in the docs, I’ve reported it. The old documentation is still available on this URL:


with the new one currently on:


Which allows find in page (command-f / control-f) to work, which doesn’t in the built in docs.

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I use my method for these purposes

Public Function CropPicture(inPicture as picture, xVon as integer, yVon as integer, xBis as integer, yBis as integer) As picture
  // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  // Bildausschnitt erzeugen
  // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  if inPicture is nil then
    return nil
  end if
  Dim r as new picture( xBis-xVon, yBis-yVon, 32 )
  r.graphics.drawpicture inPicture, _             'das zu malende Bild
  0, 0, inPicture.width, inPicture.height , _   'die zu skalierende Größe (die Bildgröße bleibt gleich)
  xVon, yVon, xBis, yBis                        'der Bildausschnitt
  return r
End Function

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It works!

Dim pic As New Picture(Display.Width , Display.Height) // beim Ändern der Maße wird abgeschnitten
Display.DrawInto( pic.Graphics,0 ,0 )
g.DrawPicture(pic,0, 0, CanvasPicture.Width, CanvasPicture.Height, CanvasPicture.Left-display.Left , Me.top, CanvasPicture.Width, Me.Height)