Picture doesn't show in WebCanvas inside WebDialog

Hi All,

I have a WebCanvas in a WebPage with the following code in the paint event:

  dim p as picture = imgMarketNews
  g.DrawPicture(p, 30, 20, 32, 30)
  g.TextFont ="Arial"
  g.TextSize = 16
  g.ForeColor = &cf4f4f4
  g.DrawString("Market News", 85, 40)

It shows the image and the title without problem. But if I copy the control to a WebDialog, it only shows the title but not the picture. The image is a 20KB png file.


Have you considered using a WebImageView instead ?

Yes, that’s what I have done to solve the problem. Just curious if it does not work in a WebDialog.

Webdialogs have bugs that prevent diverse things to work. File a feedback report, with a project attached that demonstrates the issue, so Greg can have a look into it.