Pi is ready - XOJO sample code fails to build


A bit of excitement here. I have a project I am going to develop using XOJO and Pi-2

I just received my Pi-2. Have preformed GitHub to load the Pi-2 with wiringPi as well as VNC. Can VNC to the Pi from my MAC as well as use Cyberduck to ssh files - all looks good.

So I open XOJO 2015 r3.1 and grab the LEDBlinker sample code and proceed to Build

I receive 4 errors all due to the Else from this statement

#If TargetARM And TargetLinux Then Soft Declare Sub wiringPiSetupGpio Lib "libwiringPi.so" wiringPiSetupGpio #Else #Pragma Error "wiringPi library only works on Raspberry Pi" #Endif

which is located in 4 methods:

Linux is the only selection in ‘Build Settings’
Arm32 is selected in Build Architecture

Still excited. Need to figure out what else needs to be set or changed?

Any ideas?


Select another linux target (x86 32bit) and then again Arm 32

Tried it - still fails to build

Retry, build (fail) rechange, build (it will work)

Thanks for you suggestion - Needed to close XOJO then re open. The ‘This Computer’ was also checked on ‘BUILD SETTINGS’ after re-opening. When cleared the program completed Build

While I wait for my breakout kit I experimented with Pauls ‘Notes’ example. Compiles fine. SSH-FTP to Pi-2. When I double click on the application Pi-2 does not know what to use to run the application.

From https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/noobs/ I loaded
Offline and network install
Release date:2015-11-21

Any thoughts - thanks

You need to chmod the application to make it executable.

(or right click it in the Raspberry UI and put execute permission on it)

@Bjorn - that was it. Thank you.

Now lets see what we can do